The selfish generation

Belgium was paralyzed by a “National? strike today, called for by the Socialist Workers union.  Now, let me be straight, I do support the basic premisse of Unions.  I think they have their place in the social spectrum, and I do believe they have done some great things for the Belgian workers. However, recently, they seem to be stuck in their own rethorics, fighting a fight against the employers, and the government, and believing they are the one and only true defender of the Belgian worker, of the Belgian common man.

Sadly, they ignore economic reality, they ignore the internation competition, brought on by evolving markets and opening the european market.  They ignore the social demography, where an aging population is looming over any future that we still might have.

In the light of this discussion, the Socialist union went on strike before, not during or after, but before the negations on reforming the retirement had even started.  Today it is possible for workers, when certain conditions are met, to retire at the age of 58,  for teachers, dont ask, it is a considered a granted right to retire at 55. Everybody agrees, that this is not a good situation, it is not affordable for our state to keep funding this, already, our workers are being priced out of the market because of over-taxation.  Keeping the system alive, granting more rights, paying higher welfare and pension fees will only increase the taxation. Everyone under 40 already realises and accepts that there will be no early retirement, there will most likely be no pension at all, when the time of retiring will come. 

So what we basicly see here, is that a generation, that has had the best chances ever; to build up wealth, to grow and become rich, is now willing to sacrifice any change the younger generations have at keeping the current standards of life possible, so that they can retire early, and have a nice middle-age.

It’s not about social justice people, its not about jobs, it’s the selfish generation taking a stab at YOUR future.




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